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Magnifying Glass Dome

The magnifying glass domemagnifying glass dome is the perfect size for holding your important documents in low light conditions. The costin domemicroscopes is made of durable acrylic paperweight, and features a half ball lens for great magnification.

Pro Grade Magnifying Glass Dome Reading Aid for Small Fine P

Pro Grade Magnifying Glass Dome

By Jacarte

USD $18.99

YOCTOSUN 3 Inch Acrylic Dome Magnifier 5X Paperweight Readin

YOCTOSUN 3 Inch Acrylic Dome


USD $14.15

YOCTOSUN 2.5 Inch/3 Inch/3.8 Inch Crystal Clear Paperweight
Amlong Crystal Dome Paperweight and Crystal Magnifier, 3.25-

Amlong Crystal Dome Paperweight and

By Amlong Crystal

USD $13.25

10X Domed Magnifying Glass 75mm/3" Golden Desktop Paperweigh
OwnMy 4" Crystal Glass Magnifier, Glide Paperweight Magnifyi
YOCTOSUN 2.5 Inch Dome Magnifier 5X Acrylic Paperweight Read

YOCTOSUN 2.5 Inch Dome Magnifier


USD $16.96

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This is a fun and unique gift for the blue print lover in your life! Our four crystal magnifying glass dome magnifiers come in a gift box. They are perfect for use with blueprints, maps, or any other large pieces of paper. This device can be used to read small prints up to 20 inches wide. It has a nice, robust feel to it and is plasticfree and easy to clean.
looking for a way to improve your reading skills? the yoctosun 3 inch acrylic domemagnifier is perfect for you! This magnification tool is perfect for those who like to be able to see just as well as better. With its 5x magnification and handy box and polishing pouch, this tool will help you read with ease.
looking for a pair of magnifiers that can help you in your scientific research? look no further than our yoctosun 2. 5 inch3. 8 inch crystal clear paperweight 5x dome magnifier. This magnifier is perfect for research purposes, becoming an important part of your science arsenal.